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In our years of experience Dr Matt [Falkenstein] consistently delivers high quality dentistry. We have had old silver fillings removed, composites placed, porcelain veneers installed, crowns and so forth. He answers ALL our questions, and I never feel shorted in the time he spends with me. It is very reassuring to really understand my mouth and my options for treatment. I recommend him to all my friends and am very happy he’s here. - Steve


I was fortunate to find Dr Falkenstein when I was searching for a dentist. He provided the most thorough examination of my mouth that i had ever received in all my yearly dental visits. He put together a plan of action and gave me the choice to pursue my options. Dr Falkenstein and his entire staff are very professional and helpful. My time in his chair was relaxing and I had an extremely positive experience. I am impressed and amazed at the quality of their work and how different I look. Thanks for everything! - Barbara

Dr Matt,
I just went to a new dentist here in Sante Fe. When he looked at my teeth, he said, “There’s some excellent dentistry here, artfully done”. I thought you’d like to hear that! Hope you and Teresa and the kids are doing well and your lives are rich and full. Many blessings, - Krystala

I want my dentist and the staff to be thorough and careful with me.I want thorough exams, clear explanations of my options and the costs involved, and I want to be treated with intelligence and respect. Oh yeah, and I don’t want it to hurt! I’m glad I found you guys! Thanks, - Paul

Dr Matt [Falkenstein] and his team are the most welcoming and caring dental office I ever experienced. The clean and perfect work and fitting of my crowns was a real work of art. Thank you! - Chatrina

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