Case 1:  This patient had bite problems and worn front teeth that she did not like.  Orthodontics, tooth-colored fillings on the lower front teeth, and porcelain veneers on the upper front teeth  were done to correct her bite and fix her teeth.



Case 2:  This patient had a cavity around an old silver filling.  It was replaced with a tooth colored filling.



Case 3:  This patient wore an old denture that she felt looked tilted and unnatural.  We made her a new denture that addressed her esthetic concerns.



Case 4:  This patient had a front tooth that required extraction and the patient was not pleased with the look of the old crown.  An implant and crown were done to replace the missing tooth and address the patient’s esthetic concerns.



Case 5:  This patient required extraction of all her teeth and she was concerned with the appearance of her teeth.  The lower teeth were replaced with an implant supported bridge that the patient does not remove, and the upper teeth were replaced with a complete denture.