Dr. Matt Falkenstein and Dr. David Cauble take a collaborative approach to dentistry to help patients thrive. They foster a relaxing, positive, and professional environment that redefines what it means to “go to the dentist.” Patient comfort and satisfaction during treatment are the top priorities at Shevlin Dental Center.

In addition to treating patients at Shevlin Dental Center, Dr. Falkenstein and Dr. Cauble have the prestigious distinction of being Lifetime Clinical Instructors at the internationally acclaimed Kois Center (www.koiscenter.com) in Seattle, Washington. At this post-graduate institution, Dr. Falkenstein and Dr. Cauble educate other dentists in achieving predictable patient outcomes using scientifically-based techniques.

David A. Cauble, DMD

Dr. Cauble's PortraitAn Oregon native, the best part of dentistry for Dr. David Cauble is the relationships cultivated with each and every one of his patients. He takes great pride in the ability to help individuals understand the state of their oral health, as well as the different dental treatments that can help them achieve their dream smile. As a skilled dentist and clinical instructor with 20 years of experience, Dr. Cauble is committed to diligent treatment planning, continuing education, patient-focused care, and outstanding results.

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Christopher Huff, DMD

Dr. Chris Huff is a fellow instructor at the Kois Center in Seattle and comes from Louisiana where he has had a private practice for the last fourteen years. He, his wife and two sons are enthusiastic about making Bend their new home.Dr. Huff is a talented practitioner that will seamlessly integrate into our practice. We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Huff join the Shevlin Dental Team; he is a dentist with similar training, patient care philosophy and vision.

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Matthew A. Falkenstein, DDS

Dr. Falkenstein PortraitWith 36 years of practice experience, Dr. Matt Falkenstein continues to enjoy helping you improve your comfort, wellness, and appearance. Dr. Falkenstein is very thorough and careful to evaluate your dental condition and discuss how you are doing well, your risk areas, and any questions you have about your care. A longtime resident of Bend, Dr. Falkenstein is a life-long learner, carefully incorporating treatment advances that help his patients look and feel better.

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