After thirty-seven years in practice, I have made the decision to retire. Caring for patients has been exciting, fun, and provided great challenges. My profession has allowed me to express my learning, skills, and abilities, through dental care and connecting with others. Providing dentistry for many different personalities is always “new”, and my greatest reward is going home every day knowing that I have made a meaningful and positive change in someone’s life. It has been a privilege to have cared for the generations of families at Shevlin Dental Center.

Education and Continuing Education

I received my Bachelors Degree in Biology from the University of Texas in Austin in 1979. Afterward, I earned my Doctorate of Dental Science (DDS) from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, graduating in 1984.

Although I completed my formal education in 1984, dental technology has gone through revolutionary changes, with hundreds of new dental products and techniques introduced every year. Attending 100-250 hours of continuing education yearly, I stay up-to-date with new techniques that benefit my patients and improve my skills, such as performing treatment with porcelain veneers and utilizing other minimally invasive options.

“Cutting edge” dentistry is not about new, flashy, aggressively marketed gadgets. To truly be “cutting edge,” I need to know the research—clinical and laboratory—and product tests to understand what works best for my patients.


For me, dentistry never gets “stale”.   I am a doctor, detective, artist, scientist, technician, engineer, builder, counselor, and advocate—all in one profession. Wearing those ‘hats,’ I help people achieve their goals.  I have trained with many respected and world-renowned dental clinicians and work only with specialists I have selected based on their skill and judgment.  Drawing from such resources, I offer a broad scope of experience.

The Office

Shevlin Dental Center has deep roots and a big heart. We take our skills and training very seriously. Our team is relaxed, positive, and supportive for every appointment. People come to me and my team because they are serious about careful and considerate dental treatment. They want to look good and enjoy the rewards of excellent care.

I am proud to have a team of unique and experienced individuals. Many of our team members have been here over 20 years. Our individualized, comprehensive treatment plans demand that our team members are intelligent, organized and compassionate toward our patients—sharing a passion for making people feel great. Patients often say, “Wow, that was the most thorough visit ever—WAY better than I expected. Thanks for taking good care of me!”

Family and Community

I am originally from Dallas, Texas and love living in Bend! My wife, Teresa, has been a professional vocalist since age 13. We have two children. Zoey is our 28-year-old daughter, and Miles, our son, is 23.

In my spare time, you’ll probably find me with my family, on a mountain bike, or in the music or the art studio.  I also enjoy skiing, travel and home projects.

For three decades I have been involved with dental charities to provide comprehensive care for children and adults in need. Kids in Need of Dentistry (KIND), Miles for Smiles (a bus that travels to rural areas to provide dental care), Kemple Clinic (providing free care for kids), and Oregon MOM (Mission of Mercy, providing free care to thousands of people in need.  Shevlin Dental Center also sponsors many local community events supporting sports, the arts, and local charities.

Leadership in Dentistry

I have presented many seminars, hosted clinical presentations for dentists and specialists and supported the profession of dentistry for many years. I have been President of two dental societies, been a member on the Board of Trustees for the Colorado Dental Association and was on the State Peer Review Board.

The Kois Center (an advanced, post-graduate training institute) in Seattle, has given me the honor of “Clinical Instructor”.  I assist with instruction and training of other dentists in advanced, scientifically based dental methods.  I love helping other dentists achieve higher levels of excellence.